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Our front end kits have been laid out for you to be able to guide you in what options you wheel need based on your wheel size or the wheel size you plan to run on your front end. These are broken down into 21, 23, and 26. You can purchase a new wheel within your front end kit options so we are able to make sure you need everything you need to set this up properly. If you currently want just the front end kit or already have a wheel, you are still able to purchase the front end. Just omit the options for a new wheel. Bitchin Seats sets up the front end kits based on the specific wheel size you are using because depending on the wheel size, you have different degree options. The rake and degrees are very important to make sure you have the proper height bike and your safety is extremely important to us. Follow our kits guidelines and we will make sure your bike is level and set up correctly.