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Semi Production or Custom?

Bitchin Seat Company has always been known for custom-built seats. As our company grew, the client base did as well. Our custom seats are not for everyone because of the price point and the time we take for specifics of each customer's seat. Before semi-production seats, we focused on a client base that was for those who needed more than just a standard seat (too tall, too short, too wide, too narrow, health issues, lost distance riding, etc). Bitchin Seats quickly became known worldwide for the best quality seats available on the market. What sets us apart? The comfort is unbeatable and the look is better than what you will see from another seat company. So... how do Bitchin Seats make an unbelievably comfortable seat and at the same time, obtain a sleek and low profile? Click here to read more detail of a custom seat.

To understand what a semi-production seat is, you first have to understand what our custom seats are genuinely all about.

A custom seat is built for each individual and is unique to you from the very beginning. We begin with a custom fiberglass seat pan to obtain an extremely tight and snug fit for your bike. This will get the “melt into your bike” look. On top of the seat pan, we begin with a base foam. The base foam will be the foundation of your seat and will provide benefits for you like never bottoming out on your seat. On top of the base foam, we begin to make the seat very unique to you. We layer in several different types of foam densities based on your specific weight. This means that the support you're getting is specific to you. If you're 250lbs, your support will be very different from someone who weighs 150lbs, as it should be. Why have support in your seat that is not properly supported for your body build? In between each layer of foam, we are hand shaping to accommodate your height and inseam. This will allow us to position you correctly to reach the handlebars, get flat-footed, and sit comfortably on the bike for optimal riding comfortability. We can do all of this regardless of where you are, worldwide. We just need your height, weight, and inseam. With these three specifics about you, we are able to calibrate our seat build process for your exact comfort needs. Within the foam, we use our famous Nitro Air Gel (temperature neutral) for even more added comfort.

The custom seat route is great for riders who need more (more support, need to get further back into the bike, need to get closer to the controls, etc.)

We developed our semi-production seat line once our seats became a worldwide must-have. Many of our customers want our style and comfort but are at the average height and weight. So they would not need as much attention to detail as some of our customers that are looking for that extra something we do for our seats. Our custom seats (on average) take about 12-14 hours to make so a semi-production seat would get the seat-making time down and with that, a lower price tag. We do not call our semi-production line just “production” because we will never skimp on quality. This is just a more efficient way for us to make a seat. We will always provide you with our signature look and quality of comfort regardless of the route you go.

Semi-production seats start out in molds. We cast molds off of our custom seats so on the outside, you would not be able to see a difference between a custom or semi-production, it is on the inside of the seat where the changes are. We blow foam into the pre-made mold. The foam we use in the mold is gauged to your specific weight so you are still getting the proper amount of support. Since the foam is in a mold, the shape of the seat is a single option and was made for an average height/inseam rider. The gel in our semi-production seats is an option. It is always recommended for added comfort but you are welcome to order it without gel if you would like to omit the cost.

Both our semi-production and custom seats have the same options for upgrades (custom stitching, exotic covers, etc)

A good rule of thumb if you are having a rough time deciding between the two:

*6 Feet 2 Inches and taller

At your height, we would like to recommend using our custom seat option so we can shape the seat low profile and lean for your long legs, long arms, and sit you into the bike as far and low as possible. You are more than welcome to use our semi production option but you could benefit from the added inches that can be taken off and the custom shaping that we do for our custom seats.

*5 Feet 10 Inches - 6 Feet 2 Inches

You will benefit from both the custom or semi production. If you do a lot of long distance riding or need special attention to back support, the custom seat may be a good choice. At your height, you do have the luxury of choosing what you like.

*5 Feet 10 Inches and lower

Since you most likely would need to get closer to the foot controls, handlebars, or need to get flat footed, we recommend you using our custom seat option. We will craft the seat to fit you and make sure you are perfectly positioned to control and handle the bike safely and comfortably.

*Over 260lbs

We recommend using our custom seat option so we can built a higher support into your seat. This would only add to the comfort that we offer and will provide you with a better ride for longer distances

*Health or Injury History

We have made seats for many customers with health histories like recent back surgery, herniated disks, wounded veterans, ect. We have even worked recently with a wounded veteran who lost an arm and leg (he is still riding! Talk about having heart!) but at the end of the day each customer is different. We are, hands down, the best option for you but we are not doctors so we are unable to know your limits. We will build a custom seat to fit your specific needs to best of our capabilities and recommend what can be done to your bike so you can have the most enjoyable ride possible. The custom seat is what we recommend for you and please contact us with your specific requirements/needs so we can do our best to accommodate you.