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Bitchin Seats is well known for the most custom seats you can find. If you can think it, we can do it... and even perfect it. All of our seats come standard with a very simple seam stitch but if you want to add more to your seat, we look forward to your creative projects. Below are just a few ideas of designs that we have done in the past. 

More info coming soon...

Seam Stitch
Bitchin Seats has a signature seam stitch that shows to me the most durable for motorcycle seat application. The seams we use on all our seats (unless requested otherwise) allow for a low profile and sleek look with a high non wearing process. If you do visualize something a bit more unique than what we include, please feel free to let us know. We have years of experience and have made motorcycle seats with any seam stitch you can think of. From seam piping to a french stitch, we can make it work for your taste in style. 

Flame Stitch 
We hand stitch each individual seat, no patterns of machines do the work for us. This allows us to be able to match a Bitchin paint job you have on your bike to a visual dream you have for your seat. The flames can have points, devils tails, be designed to work with a custom stitched or tooled logo. The options are endless as well as thread colors. We can order any shade you can think of or even custom dye thread to match a unique paint color. We only use Sun Guard Polyester Threading. This is a thread manufacture that we have found to provide the best quality to protect from UV rays, you still may see some fading or color hue changes if you do do with a lighter color. If you do visualize a threading in the lighter color ranges, we do advise to consider the wear of riding outside with dirts, dusts, oils, ect. This can change the appearance of the lighter thread colors. 

Tribal Stitch
Following all the same guide lines of our flame stitch, we can hand stitch any design you can think of. We do go through the artwork you desire and make sure that once it is stitched, the design looks just as good as you can dream it to be, if not, better. What we do sometimes see is that is the artwork ends up become extremely detailed, the design can get lost in the overlapping and layers for stitched thread. We will always go over the designs with you to make sure that it the final product exceeds your expectations. If your design is extremely elaborate, tooled leather is another option for you as well. See below if you are interested. 

Inlays and Overlays

Custom Logo/Design 

Tooled Leather
The perfect way to get that incredible detail. Tooled leather has a very unique look that can be done on any motorcycle seat style. We can do a tooled leather patch onto a soft leather/exotic or the whole seat can be covered in tooling leather.