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Bitchin Seat Company is world renowned as the top-of-the-line when it comes to custom seats and high-quality parts. The quality that is delivered by Bitchin Seat Company is second to none. Not only getting the finest custom motorcycle seats from Bitchin Seat Co. you will also receive hands-on old fashion customer service. We are more than just a seat upholsterer, we build bikes, fabricate, and custom-developed world-famous parts for your bike. We are in a complete facility with all the advanced technology to make pretty much anything you can dream of and have contacts that known one else has. We are very close friends with many of the biggest names in the industry. This means getting the best products for you!

This is what Bitchin Seats is known for. Our custom seats are second to none and you will know that after sitting on one. We use techniques that make our seats more than just a seat.
You need to enjoy your bike; you spend money on new chrome wheels, new pipes, and more for what?
You want the bike to look good, right? What about you?
You need to enjoy the bike you spent all this money on and you don’t want your seat to look like a pillow.
Well, we have mastered it!
We begin with a base fiberglass pan.
This will get the seat to look like it melts into your bike, following the clean lines, completing your bike, and not taking away from it. On top of the base pan, we start with a firm piece of base foam (this is where much of your base and back support will come from).
Now …at this point, each seat starts to become very unique to each rider.
We being to layer several variations of foam densities to complement your weight and give you the fullest support and comfort you need. In between each layer of foam we hand shape it to accommodate your height and inseam to insure that you are at the position you need to reach the controls, and handlebars, and be flat-footed on the ground.
Our seats are made for you, each individual is different, and no two people have the same body type and shape. This is why you are uncomfortable on your stock seat. These seats are not focused on a specific shape, height, or weight. Stock and mass-produced seats (the less expensive ones) are made of one average size.
It would be like everyone trying to wear the same size shoe. Yes, the shoe would fit some people; the lucky one’s who just so happen to have that one-foot size to fit but what about everyone else?
Our seats are for you, and everyone else who needs more than the average. We are highly skilled, top quality, and the best you will find. On your search to find seats you may want to go a less expensive route and try one, two or even three seats that are “budget-friendly”. We have many clients that do this and then end up with a garage filled with seats they hate, they finally come to us.
After that, your search for a comfortable, clean, sleek seat will be over, guaranteed. We are the best at what we do and if you want to enjoy your motorcycle to the fullest, come to us.
And while you’re at it, maybe get a Bitchin-looking upgrade too to complement your personal style. First and foremost, our seats are 100% custom and made to each individual.

We focus on you being the most comfortable and safe while on your bike without having a huge pillow for you to sit on.

Rich, the owner, has been in the custom industry for well over 20 years and knows what it takes to make something perfect. He has also highly trained and highly skilled employees that take pride in the products Bitchin Seat Company creates.

When purchasing a motorcycle many people will spend thousands of dollars to upgrade different parts of the bike to make it look better and several people cannot justify the amounts you spend on an after-market seat, after all, it is only a seat, right? That’s not how we look at it; this is your personal comfort and style. Aftermarket wheels and exhaust may look great but you forget about you, the one who is supposed to enjoy the bike you dropped a ton of money on. Our seats will allow you to outlast all your buddies on those long Sunday rides, or make you only want to stop to sleep when you’re doing your cross-country rides to Sturgis, Laughlin, Dayton, and more!
A custom seat just is not a seat, it’s your comfort and you deserve it!!!

All of the seats by Bitchin Seat Co are made in our facility. All our hardware and aftermarket products are made in Southern California USA.
Our leathers and hides are imported from tanneries in Spain.

We are located in Southern California USA, but do business worldwide and ship worldwide.
You can reach us at any time via email:

Or you can call us at any time:

Worldwide (800)304-6433

Local (714)632-9600

Fax (888)370-5094

Our technicians begin their days very early and sometimes very late.

If you are in a different time zone or region, we can help you at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

What do We sell?

We're a custom shop that carries a variety of parts and accessories for motorcycles. Our specialty, of course, is custom motorcycle seats but we provide our customers with hands-on detail on what will fit and work with their motorcycles. We are a dealer for some very popular names such as Performance Machine, Colorado Customs, Roland Sands Designs, Progressive Suspension, and Renegade, just to name a few. The reason we carry all these products is that once you purchase your motorcycle and decide to do some aftermarket conversions to it, we want to make sure you get what you need for your bike. All motorcycles are not created equally. We know the ins and outs of motorcycles more so than many bike builders. When you want a specific look, design, or style, we know what parts you need to achieve that. We can help you from spending a lot of unnecessary money and doing things right the first time around. That’s our promise! If you do not see a specific part or brand on our website, that does not mean we do not carry it. Shoot us an email or give us a call, we can help you find anything you may need.

Why does a seat company sell/manufacture parts?

Bitchin Seat Co is known and has been branded as the best custom seats you can buy, hands down. But with custom seats comes custom applications. Bitchin Seats has many customers who have more than the standard upgrade requests, such as a sissy bar to fit perfectly with our perfect seats. Instead of outsourcing the sissy bar, we make it in-house. We do this to not only insure the correct fitment but also to find that our customers trusted us knowing things would be done right. Bitchin Seats is just not an upholstery company. In order to make a comfortable seat, we have to know the bike and know where you should be sitting on the bike to handle and control it properly. We also have to understand all the componentry that surround the seat fitment area. There are so many key factors that go into building a seat and if someone does not know all those keys, you get a cheap, uncomfortable seat that fits horribly. We understand motorcycles and began building bikes when a customer sent us his bike years ago because he did not trust anyone else but Bitchin Rich. After people saw the few builds that Bitchin Seats did for this one customer, they started having custom requests. It began to expand and now we distribute pretty much you can think of that has to do with motorcycles.

Bitchin Seats has been in the industry for such a long time that we have developed amazing contacts around the world so when a client wants something specific, we can do it… no matter what.

Times are changing and so are the ways of the motorcycle industry. We have found that we are more knowledgeable about motorcycles than many bike builders themselves. You will quickly learn that after speaking with one of our technicians. Our most recent trend is customers shipping their motorcycles from all over the US. While getting a custom seat, they want wheels, a new front end, new handlebars, and other things. Here, we do all of that and so customers ship the bike here. It never leaves and gets shipped back to the customer completely. It’s a new way of making the best out of this economy. Doing it right the first time around from people that know custom-built motorcycles to the stock Harley. Bitchin Seats has seen and done it all.

The Bitchin Seat Company Story

Back in the days of hanging ten’s and surf’s up, there was a young man who found himself having an eye for detail and precision. Rich, who at the time was 18, began his journey at a local custom surfboard shop. When shaping a surfboard the key is absolute perfection, regardless of what it may take. Rich learned and mastered the skill of surfboard shaping and then began to embark on a new hobby, car interior. He had a love for all things old school and restoring old cars. He began to help all his friends, his friends -friends, and so on until everyone in southern California knew if they wanted the interior done right, Rich was the guy to go to. At the time, Rich was running his upholstery business out of his garage and one of many customers came by to pick up his completed car with an amazing-looking new interior. He was so impressed and said to Rich “Wow, that is Bitchin, Rich”. With the California Surf slang in full swing, Rich was doing some of the best custom hot rod interiors around and the nickname “Bitchin Rich” really caught on!

Bitchin Rich started to date a woman that made him feel ready to settle down and start a family. At the time, he was getting offers from various companies to head their product lines in the automotive industry. One day, he got a call from one of his friends and this offer intrigued him. To head the custom development of custom motorcycle seats. This was a new adventure and sounded like something new he could conquer. He took the job and he had no idea what a ride he was in for. Bitchin Rich changed the World standards of a custom motorcycle seat and huge companies like Harley Davidson and American Iron Horse wanted him to start designing low profile precision perfect seats at a lower value. He was being flown all over the country getting first looks and the non-released motorcycles and hanging out with the big wigs of the motorcycle industry. It was a very lucrative and amazing experience but Bitchin Rich had a pull to his roots. He was now heading development lines on how to make a seat the quickest and cheapest way. He began to realize that he wanted to provide high quality regardless of cost and decided to take a step back and go back to the drawing board.

Bitchin Rich moved his new family onto the cliffs of Dana Point and started from scratch. His new love (motorcycles) and his old love(the key perfection of surfboards) into one and started making the best custom-built seats in the world. That’s a guarantee. He began crafting handmade 10 – 12 hour custom built seats out of his garage but with a killer view of the ocean. Even though he may have been starting from basics again, he was doing what he loved and was calling his own shots. No cut corners, no shortcuts, no screwing the customer. Building genuine products that no one else can do. After a few years of being very successful, it was time to relocate and began to grow. His clientele base began to become overwhelming and he needed to hire a team to help. He moved to the heart of Orange County and that’s when the ball started to roll. The Discovery Channel’s Bike Build-Offs we all the rage and custom build motorcycles were the new must-have for all men. Bitchin Rich’s company grew to Bitchin Seat Company and became an international must-have seat for anyone looking for the best. The best amount of comfort, built right, by hand, specifically per client, and only the best products used. The client base went from local to out of state and country quite quickly. Once custom-built bikes were no longer being done and the need for a storefront was not necessary, while Bitchin Seat Company grew larger and larger, the need for a large shop grew as well. Bitchin Rich then decided to purchase a very large property more inland and relocated. Bitchin Seat Company now resides on a huge acre and a half property with a gigantic shop that allows BSC to innovate and create what the customer wants.

As of today:
Custom Seats:
12 - 14 weeks

Semi Production Seats:
8 - 10 weeks

Custom Built Wheels and Parts (depending on in-stock items):
6 weeks
*please call/email for in stock inquires

Need rush delivery? Please call us and we will see what we can do for you.
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