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Bitchin Seat Company is known for top quality options for motorcycle seats. What sets us apart from other companies is that we will never use faux skins. We only will use 100% authentic and natural skins, leathers, and covers. What does this mean to you? With faux leathers and hides comes a lower cost which in turn means a short lived seat. Using synthetic products such as vinyl will cause a delimitation that will give you a "not so Bitchin Seat". Honestly, who wants a seat that is anything but "Bitchin"? We hand choose top grade leathers and skins that are most durable with motorcycle seat application.

Shown below are some of our more popular upgrade cover options. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us as we have some of the best suppliers when it comes to exotics and skins. 

Smooth Italian Leather

Included in all of our seats, this leather is Grade A and imported from Spain. All our leathers go through a very strict inspection to insure perfection and free of any flaws. This a smooth and sleek pure black with a subtle gloss shine. Black leather is the included color but we have many, many colors available for special order. Additional costs may apply. Below are just a few of the leathers that we have available to you. If you have any custom requests, please feel free to contact us. 

Perforated Italian Leather

This is the same leather as stated above but with a finer perforation. This is the same perforated leather seen on the interior of cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and more. There is a small upgrade fee for this leather and is very popular to achieve a sport or European look to your custom motorcycle seat.


Bull Hide

Our entry level exotic upgrade and the most popular. Bull hide is a incredible hide that has many unique qualities besides looking great. Bull hide is a porous skin that breaths well. This means it will not hold heat the way a standard leather does. It also will absorb moisture and dry it out. This is wonderful if you are riding in high temperatures and sweating. Another great quality of this hide is the way bull hide distresses. Bull hide is a skin than can take on its own personality with long sun exposure. It will distress and color distort to a look that our customers love. If you get the bull hide on your custom motorcycle seat and find you prefer the original look of the bull hide (looking like it did the day you received it), just send it back to us for a dye job and it will permanently stay that vivid black. We will do this at no fee and it will be shipped back to you the business day following the day it was delivered for repair. Bull Hide has many, many colors and styles as well. Standard Bull Hide and Bi Pull Bull Hide are the two different textures, each offering different colors and styles. Standard Bull Hide has a very noticeable grain that looks the same when installed on to you custom motorcycle seat. Bi Pull Bull Hide has a little bit of a shine with a two tone color and when installed on your motorcycle seat, exposes more of the secondary color. This a very unique look that looks fantastic with elaborate custom motorcycle paint jobs. The bull hide comes is many different and unique colors to complement any paint job. 


This is very quickly becoming our most popular upgrade option. This style and look is very similar to the bull hide with but what separates buffalo from bull hide is the thicker skin and grain variation. Since the skin, itself, is much thinker than our Bull Hide we take extra time and effort to adapt it fit the seat perfectly. The thickness does not cause any difference in comfort, it just takes us a bit more time to perfect it. Thus, resulting a small price jump from the bull hide cost. The buffalo comes is many different and unique colors to complement any paint job. 

Sting Ray 

Sting Ray is something that you see and you gotta know what it is. Our sting ray is extremely popular for those of you that want a little bit more flash or pop on your bike. When sting ray is in the sun, it glistens. The small bumps on the sting ray skins are reflective and create a very unique seat. This is a wonderful upgrade option when you are looking something to match your paint. We are able to custom paint to match a specific color or paint scheme. The colors and styles are truly endless with Sting Ray.