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Seat Comfort ... Our Number One Priority

The seats we make look low profile, sleek, and clean, following the bad ass lines of your motorcycle getting you a melt in to your bike look. Buying our seats does not mean uncomfortable. It means the exact opposite. We may be known for the best looking seats available but we are actually better known for the most comfortable motorcycle seats you will ever ride on. Got what looks like a couch for seat? Well, our seat is more comfortable that that ugly thing, guarantee it! Got a little to nothing seat that all you feel like all you're riding on is a piece of wood? Our seats get that same look with extreme comfort. Read below about why your seat just does not cut it and why our seat will be more than for looks, it will provide you with the best ride of your life. 

Lets start from the bottom up with motorcycle seats and YOU need to enjoy your bike. 

Fiberglass Seat Pan
It all starts with a good foundation

Bitchin Seats offers many different options when it comes to styles of seats. The most popular is our “melt into the bike” look that is achieved by a fiberglass seat pan. One of the great benefits of using fiberglass as a seat pan is the weight. No one ever wants to add more weight to their bike so a fiberglass seat pan a great route to go. Our fiberglass pans are hand crafted to each customers order. This is what gets our seat to fit extremely snug to the bike and is why it is very important that any modifications made to the seat fitting area be noted on your order. A good strong fiberglass pan is the beginning of a well crafted custom seat. If you have a mass produced bike, it is very likly we already have specialty molds made from your motorcycle. If so, we use those molds to create a fiberglass seat pan here in our facility with out the need of your motorcycle. If we do not have a seat pan for your bike, we have a great option for you. Our Bitchin Fitted Seat pan Kit is a world wide popular option for those who have custom built bikes, custom modifications, or low volume produced motorcycles. We create a kit and ship it to you. In this kit, it comes to your door step complete with everything you need to craft a seat pan in your own garage. It will also include a very detailed step by step instruction manual that walks you through every step.. click here for more of our seat pan kit program. 

We also offer metal seat pans, please contact us for more information. 

What you need to know when buying a new motorcycle seat... 
and what the other guys are not telling you. 

No Memory foam here and let us tell you why.                                                 For a bed, sure that’s wonderful but for a seat, you do not want it. If you hear memory foam seat, after reading this, you will cringe. Memory foam changes its density due to temperature changes. So in a temperature controlled home/bedroom, it may work great. Now put that same foam in the outdoor uncontrolled environment, you will have a large amount of problems. Are you planning on riding in 60 degrees fahrenheit or lower?  If so, expect a memory foam seat do a bit of changing. It hardens up like a rock when it is cold. Riding in 80 degrees fahrenheit or higher?  Memory Foam softens like butter and flattens out to be like you riding on nothing but a few layers of cardboard.  Memory foam motorcycle seats are a gimmick, don’t be conned by this. If you have any experance with stock motorcycle seats, you know what we mean when we say "seats as hard as rock". Many people tend to go to the extreme opposite to avoid a hard seat but this only creates a whole other mess of issues. A very soft seat with soft foam will provide you with no support. Your rear end and back will be put in major distress, and that is an under statement. When riding a motorcycle, the key to comfort is having the right amount of support and memory foam/soft foam wont cut it. There are several parts of a seat that in whole, come together like a melody to create a unbelievably comfortable ride. 

How Bitchin Seats does seat foam...

Base Foam                                                                                                                                                                         The magic begins when we place a high density base foam on top of our hand crafted seat pans. This base foam is where the majority of your support comes from. Another HUGE benefit of base foam is this is key to allow you to never "bottom out" on your seat. This is something that seems to be a plague of stock motorcycle seats and poorly made after market seats. You hit a bump and your rear end hits the base of your seat. Not comfortable. Our base foam prevent this from ever happening. 

Custom foam density layering                                                                                                                                             This step of building our custom seats has become somewhat of an art here in our facility. To start at what defines a "custom built seat", we use your specific weight to decide on what density foam combinations will work best for you. A rider that is 160 lb. will have a very different foam variation from a rider that is 250 lb. Regardless of how low profile our seats may look, with this custom foam variation, we are able to achieve optimal comfort in your custom built seat. Our custom seats consist of several different layers and once we start layering in the different foams, we are hand shaping each layer to your specific height and inseam. This process is very unique and extremely precise. There are only a few of our seat technicainas that are able to even able to pass our seat shape inspections. Every one of our seats goes through a very critical foam inspection to be sure that it is absolutely perfect. All of our technicians are very skilled and take pride in the way each custom hand shaped motorcycle seat evolves to become an art in comfort.  

The good. The bad. The ugly. 
We break it down for you. 

Over the years, gel and motorcycle seats seemed to get a bad reputation when paired together. While everyone was having problems with motorcycle seats and gel, Bitchin Seat Company had this down to a science. Our gel will never cause you any issues, it only improves your riding experience.

The gel that many other companies were and still are using is a silicone gel. Here at Bitchin Seats, the only silicon gel that should be near your bikes is the ones in your passenger breast implants. 

Some of the gel on the markets also can mimic the gel inside of ice packs. Both of these style gels cause the same issues. They both are temperature sensitive and will do some very interesting things you your motorcycle seat that will, at the end of the day, make your seat no longer ridable. In heat, these gels will bubble up an ruin the seat cover. In cold, is will freeze and harden. Neither of these are what you want when riding your motorcycle. 

Solution...Temperature neutral gel ...                                                                                                                                Better known as our famous Nitro Air Gel. We use Nitro Air Gel in all of our custom motorcycle seats. This gel is not a surface gel and a great misconception is that gel has to be in the surface of the seat to add to comfort. The truth, it is not just gel that will create a comfortable seat, it is one of many aspects to create a comfortable motorcycle seat. We use our Nitro Air Gel together within custom foam layers. This is where it needs to be used to get the most benefit. With something like a surface gel or a very soft top layer, you are not getting support. With our Nitro Air Gel, the support is from the custom foam variation and the gel working together. Here at Bitchin Seats, the Gel is not just an add on. Other seat companies say "Gel or No Gel" that implies "Comfort or No Comfort". For Bitchin Seats, the gel and foam work in unison and become one to create your perfect supportive companion for a long distance ride. We often have clients that would experience the "numb butt" syndrome on stock seats. Those same clients will call us after they take a long ride on our Bicthin Seat. We will always hear how they can, without a problem, out ride any of their friends. The only reason they feel like they need to stop is to sleep and eat, not because they are uncomfortable. 

Our seats have an opposite effect than stock seats, our seats make you want to ride longer.

Seat covers,leathers,bottom seat lining, and how it all affects you

We thrive on our looks of our seats but there is more to it then some "Bitchin" Seat covers.