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Bitchin Seat CO BSC contracted Purse Performance to design us a proprietary Wide Glide Triple Tree for the Rocker.

Design goals....

1.  Wide Glide look... The Rocker is a 2" wider frame than the rest of the Harley-Davidson Softail family, and was equipped with a 240 mm rear tire from the factory. But they put a Mid Glide frontend on it stock with a little 19”  wheel and a 90x90x19 tire ??? We at BSC believe that a more balanced look for this bike would be a Wide Glide.

2. Wider wheels...  The new Wide Glide tree kit will allow you to move up to a 23" , 26"or larger wheel with ease and still allow you to install a fender. Max wheel size with a fender on a stock frontend is our 21x3.25 with a 120mm 70x21 tire. The 23 wheel will fit, but not with a fender.

3. Raked Out... These Trees will allow you to rake out the bike without cutting off the neck and re welding it in to a new angle. The BSC / Purse Trees come in 3 degree 4, 5, 6, and 7 degrees.

4. Clean Look... Our tree kits were designed to have the cleanest look possible for your project.

        ** Smooth top tree, no bolts exposed on top for the fork tubes or center stem.
        ** Clean bottom tree, recessed flush hidden stem nut from under the tree.
        ** Hidden cam locks, securing fork tubes to the tree set in a clean way.
        ** Wide Glide axle comes with 2 custom axle bolts. One for securing the axle to the leg on the left and the other for the right side as a cover. These 2 bolts have a radial look to them with several holes around the parameter, and are installed with a spanner wrench.

5. Materials and Finish... These T6 billet aluminum trees are high polished and can be chromed, anodized or powder coated. All other hardware is made from stainless steel ( steering stem, fork topers, cam locks, axle, axle bolts)

6. Wide Glide kit comes with... (1 top and 1 bottom tree), ( 1 steering stem, nut and set screw),(2 fork tube topers )(2 cam lock bolt sets ),(custom wide glide axle),(and 2 axle bolts)and (1 spanner wrench )

Other parts possibly needed from BSC for project...

        ** Steering stop kit
        ** Longer or shorter fork tubes
        ** Front spring and lowering kit
        ** Wide glide wheel hub kit
        ** Wheel, tires, and wheel spacers
        ** Front fender and spacer kits
        ** Molex wiring pig tails
        ** LED front signal kit
        ** BIG 13 " rotor kit with PM 6 piston caliper